#foodcrisis graphic novel sneak peak!

Evan Fraser has been hard at work developing a graphic novel about the global food system.  One of the major inspirations for this story comes from the “food crisis” of 2008-2012 (this is referred to at the start of page 3 in the text box that opens the scene). The trouble began in early 2008 when food prices shot up and around the world angry crowds gathered, protesting an unfair food system that allow some to profit while others go hungry. Protestors raised French baguettes into the air as a symbol of their oppression and the government in Haiti fell.

How Can I Help?

The point behind this section is to provide you with ways to improve our food system in small ways.  However, we expect that this portion of the website with be a living and growing element and we welcome suggestions about what you think each of us could do to improve our food system.

Below are 10 actions which would make a difference.  Please note that there are many actions you could do and this list is not every possible option.